Top 10+ Must-visit Attractions In Washington State

Spokane Washington
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Meta: These amazing places to visit in Washington State will prove that this land is not only known as the city of Seattle.

Washington State is full of wonders, from an endless green stretch of forests to majestic mountain peaks and notorious volcanoes.

City lovers will find themselves falling in love with the top-rated concerts, festivals, and restaurants, while outdoor enthusiasts will seize this opportunity to experience the attraction of hiking, biking, skiing, and kayaking.

Located in the far northwestern part of America, Washington State is much more than just the city of Seattle. Although Seattle is a wonderful city with numerous fascinating things to see and do, Washington State is also well-known for peaceful small towns, natural parks, and coastal places worth visiting once in a lifetime.

Thus, if you are still wondering where to spend your next holiday, only one advice – pack up and head straight to Washington State because I assure you this trip is well worth every penny of yours.

Let’s discover the best places to visit in Washington State!

Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery
Cape Flattery is a nature sanctuary on the northwestern-most point in the continental United States

There is nowhere better than the Cape Flattery of Washington State to experience the feelings of excitement and adventure.

The short hike to Cape Flattery on a stormy day accompanied by dense tree-covered cliffs and rugged mountain peaks is waiting for you to join.

Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, Cape Flattery is the northernmost point of the contiguous US. Walking through a trail across the forest to reach the top and a gift from Mother Nature is waiting for conquerors – the breathtaking view of flapping waves against mountain cliffs and cormorants swirling in the wind.

Whale watching

Whale watching
Whales gather in the cool waters of Washington from roughly April to September.

Port Angeles, located on the north side of Olympic National Park, is an ideal place for those who love gentle scenery. It’s advisable to stay for a couple of days to enjoy numerous trips of whale watching as well as explore the famous park. Besides, while you’re there, don’t miss out the opportunity to witness an amazing sight of orcas, a special type of whale, when they are approaching or breaching.

Rainforest wandering

Rainforest wandering in Washionton DC
For a short visit, take a two-hour scenic loop drive through the Quinault rainforest

Although the Pacific Northwest is popular for its amount of rain every year, it remains a novelty to explore a living rainforest. The Hoh Rainforest is a not-to-miss destination while visiting the Olympic National Park.

As a famous tourist attraction, the rainforest provides accessible trails for tourists when discovering. The Hall of Mosses trail is the most popular because of its surreal scenery with lust and gorgeous rows of trees.

Moss covers everything from the ground to both sides of the path and every plant species, creating a perfect and mysterious background for your expedition.

If you want to explore more about the paths and the rainforest itself, camping service is available at the visitor center.

Splendid wilderness escape

The southern shores of Chelan Lake in central Washington State have always been on the top list of best places to visit in the State.

The southern shores of Chelan Lake
The southern shores of Chelan lake in central Washington state offer water sports in summer, a peaceful retreat in winter

Upon arrival, you don’t have to worry about a “sea” of tourists wandering around everywhere. That’s why this place is considered a perfect hideaway from the noise and dust of city life.

The lake offers a wide range of exciting water sports in summer, a peaceful escape in winter, and huge hundred-year-old wineries all year round. Who said the fewer people there are, the more boring the place is!

But the hidden gem of Chelan Lake is its fjord-like northern end called Stehekin. One of the most distant places in America, Stehekin can only be reached by boat and float-plane from Chelan Town.

I rent a rustic cabin during my stay there and relaxed all the way at the center of the vast and gorgeous wilderness. I suggest you do the same and experience for yourself the unique feeling when you face the great Mother Nature.

By the way, there is no phone signal so smartphones are literally useless ( but you won’t use them for a second, I promise).

Tolkien fantasy dream

An engineer from California put all his fortune and love of Tolkien into creating this 150-acre mysterious sanctuary.

tolkien fantasy

A marvelous night in the Gatekeepers Castle with a private beach costs about 800$. This destination also provides day trips to visit the gardens and all of the buildings, sculptures as well as carvings.

Moreover, the site owns one of the best farms in the State working from August to November. So feel free to pick fruit and vegetables every day and don’t miss out the delicious homemade organic cider.

Seafood in Seattle

Seafood in Seattle
When it comes to seafood, Seattle’s got it all

Thanks to the favorable geographical location near the sea, seafood in Seattle is praised as one of the best quality and flavor in the world.

If you are looking for some local identity and cuisine, head straight to Walrus and Carpenter pub. I have been here once for business and can’t wait to come back again because of the irresistible fresh oysters and city brewed ale.

The interior of the pub breathes a bright and modern breath into my experience. Freshly caught oysters, mussels, and salmon are what you can expect when visiting Seattle.

Besides, there is nowhere better than this pub to discover the life of the locals by drinking homebrew beer together and starting a conversation. It’s just as easy as that!

Heli-skiing in the American Alps

Heli-skiing in the American Alps
The highest elevation skiing in washingtion state

Located in the north central of Washington, North Cascade Heliski has always been on the bucket list of best places to visit in Washington State for adventure lovers.

This heli-skiing destination is so popular for its wild and magnificent terraces, together with 3000-meter mountain peaks and up-to-15-meter annual snow density.

Most tourists stay in the warm and friendly inn nearby before starting to conquer the mountains.
But prepare warm clothes if you don’t want to get frozen like a walking “ice-cream” all the way up and down.

Birdwatching and Kites at Long Beach Peninsula

Birdwatching and Kites at Long Beach Peninsula
Washington State International Kite Festival

Situated at the southwestern tip of Washington State, Long Beach peninsula extends for 28 miles and is home to many wild birds, including bald eagles blue herons.

This peninsula draws a huge number of tourists every year coming to visit its sandy marches, wetlands, and forests.

In addition, local beach town and museums are the best places to learn more about the history of the region and the agriculture with oysters, crabs, and cranberries.

Remember to check out Kite’s Festival in August, one of the biggest festivals in the world, as well as Sandcastle Festival and Garlic Festival.

Four seasons at Spokane

Spokane Washington
Hotel Holiday Inn Express Spokane-Downtown

Spokane, the second biggest city in the State, is a Washington city that you can visit at any time in a year.
In winter, Spokane becomes an ideal place for skiing at the nearby mountains. In summer, this is the time for hiking, biking, and fishing of local people and tourists.

Moreover, downtown Spokane is an amazing and tranquil place to pay a visit, with a gentle river flowing through the city center and friendly neighborhoods for a pleasant stroll.

Also, this is a wonderful city for taking part in festivals like Bloomsday and Hoopfest. Besides, Nishinomiya Japanese Garden and Ferris Wheel in Riverfront Park are other must-see locations.

Bavarian Town of Leavenworth

Bavarian Town of Leavenworth
You can spend an afternoon wandering the shops and attractions in and around the central part of town

One of the unique towns of Washington State is Leavenworth, which is a theme village of Bavaria.
This cheerful town is famous for festive shops, live music, and theater events. It lies along Cascade Mountain slopes and celebrates German culture.

The town people established Leavenworth in the 1960s to blow a new wind and boost up tourism after the railway and wood industry went into recession.

Bavarian Town of Leavenworth 2
Leavenworth is certainly a festival town. Almost everything is a reason to celebrate, from ice to beer to autumn leaves

The town is also near Wenatchee Valley, which is an annual location of apple blossom festival and beautiful wooded trails for walking. Moreover, in December, Leavenworth is lightened up with many light celebrations and Christmas-themed events.

Getaway on Whidbey Island


Newlyweds and lovebirds cannot miss this romantic and relaxing destination on Whidbey Island, which has gained its reputation for comfortable beds, mouth-watering breakfast, and excellent camping sites in the state parks.

This charming and lovely island has rarely failed to impress any tourist because of its comfort and romance, with winding country roads and pleasant drives through small towns.

Tourists coming here can combine their visit with history lessons because Whidbey Island was once a military defense site.


I guarantee these best places to visit in Washington State will give you the most wonderful and memorable experience of a lifetime. Don’t let this amazing chance slip out of your hands because the world of wonders is waiting to be discovered.





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