10 Best Places For A Memorable Summer Vacation In Montana

best place to vacation in montana- West Yellowstone
Lodging is a highlight feature of West Yellowstone

10 Best Places For A Memorable Summer Vacation In Montana

Are you considering a perfect destination for this summer vacation? I highly recommend you Montana with the best tourist attractions mentioned below.

Have you ever heard of “Big Sky Country”?

It is a famous nickname of the 4th largest state of the Northwestern United States – Montana. Travelers who visited Montana once in their life also called this state as “Land of the Shining Mountains”.

Montana is well-known for a huge collection of mountain ranges, stunning islands, various lakes and rivers, and friendly locals.

To dispel the heat of summer, Montana is an appropriate venue for thousands of visitors.
In this article, I will list top 10 must-visit places in Montana you should never miss. It is time to enjoy your beautiful Montana!

West Yellowstone

best place to vacation in montana- West Yellowstone
Lodging is a highlight feature of West Yellowstone

The first national park of America attracts thousands of travelers each year. When exploring through Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone is a favorite destination to visit.

It is cheaper to live in lodgings than in a hotel. Moreover, you will experience fishing for trout or some exciting activities with hospitable local people.

Three national forests, blue-ribbon trout streams, and stunning mountain lakes are the precious highlights which the Creator gives this area.
If you want to visit the magnificent beauty of Yellowstone National Park, you can contact with Yellowstone Vacation Tours. They serve numerous bus tours around the park with interesting stories about West Yellowstone.

We can see the precious and rare animals together with beautiful wild flowers, which never appear in the bustling cities. We can participate in adventurous outdoor activities like cross-country skiing. Also, we can contemplate the breathtaking landscape around the year.

And it doesn’t stop there:

When visiting West Yellowstone and Montana, do not forget the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. The museum here with exhibitions about the animals will certainly amazes you. It is a great chance for you to see the magic of nature.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

best places to visit in montana
A famous historic site in Montana

It is one of the most famous Montana tourist attractions which numerous travelers choose to visit.
On June 25, 1876, near the Little Bighorn River in Montana, the Battle of Little Bighorn happened and left a mark in US history. It was a fierce fight between the United States 7th Cavalry Regiment and the Sioux and Cheyenne.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is a memorial to those who participated in this battle.
You can find out more detailed information when visiting exhibits at the tourist center and museum. You should take at least 20 minutes here to broaden your knowledge about the battle’s history, the era’s weapons, Custer’s life and the Plains Indians. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Next to the visitor center and museum is the white tombstones of Custer National Cemetery.
And remember to go to Last Stand Hill, where many soldiers fought and died. You can see the tiny, crooked gravestones and markers indicating of Custer’s troops at the heart of Little Bighorn Battlefield.
If you love history and wish to contemplate a place of reflection, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is an ideal destination in your trip to Montana.

Great Falls

places to go in montana - Great Falls
An ideal destination for a perfect summer vacation in Montana

When listing the cities to visit in Montana, make sure that you do not miss Great Falls.
Great Falls is located on the Missouri River. In the old days, it was the largest city of Montana. Now it is the third one, but Great Falls is still a powerful and bustling place.

You can find literally everything in Great Falls.

Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure is considered the most popular event for both local people and foreign visitors.

It is for you, if you love art and feel attracted by the art of famed Cowboy artist CM Russell.

It is for you, if you are a history aficionado and wish to visit North America’s largest collection of artifacts from the famed Lewis & Clark expedition.

It is for you, if you are a nature lover and want to explore five famous and superb falls of the Missouri.
It is for you, if you are interested in challenging adventures or outdoor activities like biking and jogging.

In case that’s not enough:

Great Falls has top 5 Skate Parks in the Pacific Northwest for riders. It is also the home of the World’s shortest river, and North America’s largest buffalo jump.

More and more interesting things of Great Falls are waiting for you to explore in this summer vacation.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Bighorn Canyon National - towns to visit in montana
Bighorn Canyon and the magic of nature

Each year, over 200,000 tourists opt for Bighorn Canyon as an ideal destination to visit in Montana.
With a part of the area located in southern Montana, Bighorn Canyon is a national park established on October 15, 1966.

This recreation area is famous for picturesque scenery, a huge collection of wild animals and plants, and numerous types of entertaining activities.

With your bicycle, you can ride on the South District park road of Montana which runs parallel with the ancient Bad Pass Trail.

Do not forget to go fishing in Bighorn Canyon. It is a world class trout fishery. You have the chances to catch a wide variety of fish, even large walleyes there.

Camping is also a perfect choice if you visit Montana with your family. There are five camping areas in Bighorn Canyon with the outstanding landscape.

Besides, at this recreation area, you can explore historic ranches, experience horseback riding, or join in wildlife watching activities. Let’s enjoy the marvelous beauty of nature as well as the unique serenity in Bighorn Canyon.

Glacier National Park

glacier national park
The most precious gift which Creator gives Montana

To have a memorable summer vacation in Montana, Glacier National Park is undoubtedly a perfect option.
This park is called the heaven for outdoor enthusiasts.

During the trip to Montana, you should try fishing, boating, hiking, and biking at least once in Glacier National Park.

Most visitors who travelled to this park highly recommend driving on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. You can have a view of the high mountains behind the clouds, crystal lakes and outstanding surroundings of Glacier.

In addition, if you are keen on exploring the wildlife, Logan Pass will fulfill your dream of discovery. You will have opportunities to see mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and bear randomly in the green meadows.

And we cannot skip Lake McDonald Valley with picturesque scenery and fresh air. It is an ideal choice for camping and picnics.

So, why don’t you run away from the busy cities and enjoy your trip to Glacier National Park of Montana?


Let’s explore the summer of Missoula, Montana

Let’s explore the summer of Missoula, Montana

The second largest city of Montana, Missoula always wears a colorful and attractive dress. This city can bring amazing experiences to you when you have chances to explore.

Here’s the detail:

According to local operators, the best time to visit Missoula and Montana is summer.

There are many entertaining activities and events at this time. Like other places of Montana, most visitors participate in mountain biking, zip lining and chairlift ride at Missoula.

If you own no bike, you can contact with Missoula Bicycle Works or Big Sky Bikes. They provide the best bike for visitors with reasonable prices.

For some people, Missoula is the home of cool and energetic people.

But in fact, art and culture are also the highlights of this beautiful city. It is a place you can enjoy the solitude and peacefulness after busy days.

You should visit Missoula Art Museum if taking a summer vacation to Montana. You will have a chance to see contemporary Native American works. Moreover, this museum holds community events regularly in order to connect artists and viewers.

With breath-taking scene and the rich culture, Missoula is always in the top list of the best places to visit in Montana.

National Bison Range

National Bison Range
The place for impressive images of wildlife

Located in western Montana, National Bison Range is one of the oldest wildlife refuges in the US.

According to President Theodore Roosevelt, the aim of this refuge is “…for a permanent national bison range for the herd of bison…”.

Driving through U.S. Highway 93 at Moiese, Montana, you will see a marked sign of the entrance to National Bison Range. You can enjoy impressive landscapes and the astonishing images of the wildlife here.

The large and rolling native grassland hills created an incredible National Bison Range.

The splendid view of the famous Flathead Valley and the legendary Mission Mountain Range from the top of hills will make a strong impression on visitors.

When going to National Bison Range, you can see not only different types of bison but also white-tailed deer, pronghorns, mule deer, coyotes and so on.

Even if you are lucky, you will find bighorn sheep and elk. Sometimes, a glimpse of a bear, mountain lion or bobcat is also recorded by your camera.

Riparian lands, green grasslands, ponds, and ponderosa pine forests are the important features of ecosystem here. This is the reason why National Bison Range become a wonderful habitat for animals.


Helena in Montana
The wild fire of Montana

As the capital city of Montana, Helena is the heart of this state.

Helena was called “Queen City of the Rockies” because of the boom by 1864 gold strike.

Until now, from an empty city, Helena becomes a vibrant and bustling place and attracts flocks of visitors annually. What makes a beautiful Helena is a rich and deep history and culture, outstanding architecture, farmer’s market, various museums and historic places, and minor league baseball.

From the top of Mount Helena City Park, you can get a magnificent view of the city. It is also an appreciative destination for family camping or friend meetings.

In addition, you can choose Centennial Park which owns the best trails and playgrounds. There is a dog area for your canine friend here, make sure that he will have a memorable summer vacation in Montana.
And do not forget Last Chance Gulch.

It is a highlight of Helena with a stunning outdoor walking mall, well-decorated restaurants, attractive boutiques, and coffee shops.

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake in Montana

Flathead Lake
Crystal water and beautiful landscapes

Flathead is one of the largest natural lakes in the west of the Mississippi River.

Around Flathead Lake, there are thirteen public access sites. The goal of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is to maintain these sites namely Sportsmans Bridge, Walstad Memorial, Somers, Wayfarers, Finley Point, Woods Bay, Yellow Bay, Big Arm, Big Fork, and Juniper Beach fishing access sites.

In addition, Elmo state recreation areas serve visitors toilets, swimming, camping and picnic facilities.

And remember to visit West Shore State Park and Wildhorse Island before leaving Montana.

There are many recreational activities held around the lake. You can choose your favorite one and join in these activities with other travelers and locals like sailing, fishing, power boating, etc.

How wonderful it is if you visit Flathead Lake in the summer!

At this time of the year, there are a large number of grown fruits offered by local inhabitants. Apple, plum and cherry are one of the most delicious and fresh fruits visitors like very much.


A powerful city of Montana

The last destination of list the best place to visit in Montana is Bozeman.

Similar to other cities of Montana, Bozeman is also the paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

The 80-foot tall Palisade Falls is the preferable place for hikers. Besides, you also can participate in fly fishing and whitewater rafting at Gallatin River.

Cooling down the summer heat at The River’s Edge Fly Shop is a perfect idea in your trip. You can spend your all day wandering in Montana Troutfitters with excitement.

Visitors also have opportunities to escape the busy cities when exploring Montana Grizzly Encounter in which cute bears live.

If you are a culture buff, Museum of the Rockies of Bozeman is for you. You will contemplate the working late 1800’s homestead or a Tyrannosaurus skull.

Over to You

After the hard-working days, if you want to relax your mind and have the unforgettable memories, Montana is your perfect choice.
The poetic beauty, the picturesque scenery, the magnificent nature, the attractive entertaining activities, and the charming museum and historic site here will make you fall in love with this “Big Sky Country” at first sight.


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