TOP 20 Most Beautiful Places In The World To Live And Travel

Vienna in Austria
Vienna, Austria’s capital, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River.

It is apparent that traveling abroad or living in another country brings people various benefits. First, it enables you to widen your horizon and enrich your knowledge. You are likely to learn about local cultures namely lifestyles, history, customs,… of local residents. Second, it is a good chance for you to practice your foreign language skills by communicating with native speakers. 3 months living in real environments like America, Britain, Australia,… would enhance your speaking skill more effectively than 12-year learning English at school. And eventually, going to another is appropriate for those who like to experience new things as well as make new friendships – relationships could help them in their future career.

Nevertheless, many travelers don’t know where to go. Here are 20 stunning places around the world for you to refer in case you want to go for traveling or settling in another country.

10 most beautiful places in the world to live

Vienna, Austria

Vienna in Austria
Vienna, Austria’s capital, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River.

Recently, the capital Vienna of Austria has beaten Melbourne – the breathtaking capital of Australia, to rank first in the list of most livable cities in the world, with the score of 99.1% in The Global Liveability Index 2018. This is a survey conducted annually by EIU (the Economist’s Intelligence Unit). Besides, another honor organization – Mercer, an international consulting firm also names Vienna as the best city to live.

Indeed, this appealing city will charm and seduce you at the outset. And the more you live, the more you will be impressed by stunning landscapes here.

Some famous places to get when you are in Vienna: Schoenbrunn Palace, Wiener Musikverein, Seventh District (Neubau),…

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich in Switzerland
The city of Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland

Zurich is a developed city with luxurious stores, first-class restaurants, outstanding and spectacular performances and a vast number of café, bars and dynamic nightclubs. The city’s zoning is also fantasy. It is divided into 2 parts by Limmat River, located in the north of Zurich Lake, and surrounded by snowy mountain ranges.

It is undeniable that streets and roads here are extreme clean and electric trains are punctual all the time. It is also home to one of biggest street carnivals in world – Street Parade.

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa in Canada
Ottawa is Canada’s capital, in the east of southern Ontario, near the city of Montréal and the U.S. border

The first city of Canada appears in this list is Ottawa. It is one of the best destinations for foreign travelers . The author of Telegraph Travel, Mark Hudson gave many compliments for the attraction of wild nature and the people’s habit of biking when he got to this exotic land.
It is also the second cleanest city in the world (just stands after Singapore).

The 126 square miles green belt prevents people from expanding the city and let most of area belong to the nature.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne in Australia
Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria

Undoubtedly, Melbourne is Australia’s sweetheart. Other capitals could have a wide range of stylish café, bars and colorful streets but we can just find best ones at Melbourne.

Melbourne is named as a green city because 25% of the total area here is the tree. Furthermore, it is sparkling and splendid with skyscrapers and monumental shopping malls while the atmosphere is relatively soothing. It is a good base for artists to compose and make their own arts.

Besides, you will have a good opportunities to observe and contact well-known Austral animals like kangaroo, koala, platypus,…
Some famous places in Melbourne: Grampians National Park, Grampians Mountains, Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island,…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam in Netherlands
Amsterdam is the capital city and most populous municipality of the Netherlands

In some ways, Amsterdam has everything people need. It is typical city yet doesn’t have weaknesses of other cities. It is small enough for you to go to anywhere you want by bike but never feel bored. Graceful buildings, nice bridges and serene canals brings the attraction of a countryside but you can also find biggest museums and best orchestras in the world.

More than that, Amsterdam has a golden past with a range of changes.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm in Sweden
Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago

This is the least polluted capital in the world, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Stockholm is attempting not to use fossil fuels in 2050, and the city council hopes they could achieve that purpose thanks to promoting public transportation, reducing trash in addition to improve biodiversity, v.v…

Additionally, this city has a strong bike culture which allows its inhabitants not to use their own cars too much.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto in Canada
Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore

Toronto is a happy city with scrumptious restaurants and wonderful theaters, museums and art galleries, and many activities to do. Big buildings in the centers are Canadian financial centers. And after a back-breaking day of work, office workers will take off their suits and put on shorts, T-shirts and hang out if it is summer, or go skating if it is winter.

Apart from local restaurants, the cuisine here is made by best Canadian chefs, everything is “fresh and contain local flavors”. You are able to go around the city easily thanks to the public transport. Niagara Falls is just far from you 2 hours.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin in Germany
Berlin, Germany’s capital, dates to the 13th century

At first, Berlin is one of best cultural and creative centers in Europe – where is for everyone.

The city is famous as a place for hedonists and hippies, it is also the place where many historical changes took place (the center of many political events in the 20th century) and also the destination For families thanks to the extensive green space like the Tiergarten, the Grunewald Forest which is located in the Southwest and numerous outdoor play areas such as zoos and museums for children.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney in Autralia
Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities

Back to the top 10 is Sydney. Sydney is famous for being a beautiful but hot city, like a high school girl, often be misunderstood and mistakenly inscribed that she just has strong appearance. But take a closer look and you see the city with this long and complex history, and that it makes more sense than just a bizarre beautiful city.

The Port City also has many fabulous restaurants that show the quality and abundance of local products. Festivals are held throughout the year and show Australia’s diverse and rich culture.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington in New Zealand
Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, sits near the North Island’s southernmost point on the Cook Strait

Famous comedian – Alan Davies, admires Wellington a lot due to its fresh air and comfortable atmosphere. Picturesque landscapes and ancient villas among green hills will atracts strongly travelers. Here are three big contructions: Opera Theater, Te Papa Tongarewa (national museum and art gallery), and Roxy Cinema.

In a word, every place mentioned above has its own beauty that will make you surprised at the diversity and mystery of the earth. Spending time to each of these places never makes you regret. It is not a time-consuming affair. You will get more useful experience and worthy rewards.

10 most beautiful places in the world to travel

Tokyo, Japan

tokyo japan
Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples

Tokyo is one of the most attractive, large, vibrant and wealthy cities in Asia. It is a city where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. From electronics centers to temples, flower gardens …, Tokyo has all.

George Town, Malaysia

George Town in Malaysia
George Town is the colorful, multicultural capital of the Malaysian island of Penang

Located on the west coast of Malaysia and on the beautiful island of Penang, George Town is a UNESCO world heritage. With beautiful heritage buildings, attractive street artworks and various dishes, Penang is the destination of those who love culture and cuisine.

Hong Kong

hong kong
Hong Kong officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional carnival held in many Asian nations. This makes many cities’ appearance here change a lot in autumn months. One of highlights is Hong Kong. In all September, streets are full of kinds of colorful lantern.

It is time to experience featured local night market with aisles selling local specialities together with types of decorative things shaped dragon, phoenix,… in various lively, mysterious lights.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul in South Korea
Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways

If you are a big fan of young Korean bands like BTS, EXO,… or have a fancy for romantic movies from the land of kimchi, you must hold your sweetheart’s hand right now to Korea at the end of the year. At the end of the winter, early spring is an attractive period of weather in Seoul because the weather is very cold but there is still a slight sunshine of the spring day. The streets, gardens, lakes and parks here are always beautiful and poetic. So anywhere is a perfect check-in point for you.

When you arrive in Seoul, don’t forget to visit famous landmarks like Seokchon Lake; Yeouido park; Gyeongbokgung Palace to try on a beautiful hanbok; busy shopping area in Myeongdong District; N Seoul Tower where many art performances, film screenings and exhibitions take place; ancient Bukchon Hanok Village which has a long history maintain stable after 600 years; Isadong Old Town and Lotte World entertainment area.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in Vietnam

Appear in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, Ha Long Bay is definitely a tourist destination not to be missed. There are more than 3,000 large and small islands and is home to about 1,600 fishermen on floating villages. To be able to fully enjoy the natural beauty here, choose the form of travel on the yacht and experience life on the water.

Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon in Myanmar
Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) is the largest city in Myanmar

It is Myanmar’s largest city. This is an ideal destination for those who want to expand their knowledge of local customs and traditions. Visitors can visit markets, rice fields and bustling villages. Yangon is also home to the most beautiful Buddhist temples in Asia, specifically Swedagon Pagoda.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto in Japan
Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, is a city on the island of Honshu

Kyoto is an ancient city because it has no skyscrapers, modern buildings. In return, the ancient capital still preserves many historical and cultural relics, both material and spiritual of Japanese people. Kyoto is the embodiment of historic, legendary Japan with a slow, peaceful life pace. It is estimated that more than half of Japan’s temples, shrines and old temples belong to Kyoto. Low houses intermingle with trees, narrow streets, many bicycles, few cars, generous inhabitants v.v… are Kyoto’s specialities.

According to statistics, Kyoto has 14 ancient temples recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. These temples become popular tourist destinations and which attract millions of travelers around the world annually.

Despite the series of disasters such as wars, fires and earthquakes during the 11 centuries, Kyoto was not destroyed by firebombs during World War II. With 2000 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, as well as palaces, royal gardens and intact structures, Kyoto is one of Japan’s best-preserved cities.

London, Britain

London in Britain
London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with historic Westminster Monastery, modern architecture such as the London Eye (Millennium Wheel), the skyscraper The Gherkin and the iconic Thames River. Art and literature seem to permeate into the city’s construction. London has more and more contemporary art galleries and personal galleries for visitors.

Paris, France

Paris France
Paris, France’s capital, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture

Is there a city more beautiful than Paris? It is a land where romance and history intertwined. Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur Basilica, lovely cafes, cobblestone streets, beautiful people walking along Seine Rivẻ … every town seems to have its own symbol.


The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands

Maldives is not a cheap tourist destination (rooms at resorts are at least 700 USD) but it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This tropical paradise holds deserted white sand beaches, crystal clear waters. Besides, luxurious 5-star resorts – where there are hotels floating on the water will enables you hold and enjoy your own world.

Over to you

To my way of thinking, here are 20 beautiful places in the world to live and travel. How about your experience? Leave your comment so that we can discuss together.


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